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There are  several “alternative” methods of healing that have been around for  thousands of years. They all contribute to today’s  ” Holistic Health and Wellness System”.

This Holistic Health and Wellness System include the practice of sciences such as Holistic Alternative Medicine,  Aromatherapy,  Ayurveda,  Yoga, Herbology, Homeopathy, Acupuncture,  Naturopathy,  Natural Dieting  or even Oriental Medicine plus a couple others!

 In your new REVISED book “Getting Healthy The Holistic Way” you won’t  need to study all these holistic models of health to be healthy.  Seriously, there is a healthy alternative to chips! I take the best from all and give  it to you in an intellectual but easy to read format. Now with the new player ( CoVid19), I will spend a little more time to clarify the difference here but there is much more in my book of Holistic Alternatives.

There are over 1 million different viruses with approximately 320 thousand affecting mammals (bats, Pigs, Us, etc.). Our primary concerns are Influenza and the “cousin” Sars-Cov-19 .  I give you all the info you need in “Getting Healthy the Holistic Way” to keep you up to-date with simple protection.

Influenza is  cause by Influenza-A & Influenza-B “viruses.  Covirus -19 is caused by Sars-CoV-2 virus.

Yes, both are viruses but very different. The holistic way to handle is simple–wear a face covering when outside your home, social distancing 3-6 feet space apart and take the simple supplements daily. Hey there will be plenty time to party next year, if you are still HERE!

With Holistic living you minimize  chance of incurring age related diseases or airborne viruses.  If encountered you will have  this helpful resource of natural effective supplements at your finger tips. 10 years ago I posted a Health Alert that all American were 70% deficient in vitamin D3, a natural immune booster. For that Reason Americans should have been taking Vitamin D3 long ago….

Who knows what the initial death outcome from Covid-19 could have been? Again, let me cut to the chase putting it on the table. Insulate Your Health Today!

The lines are coming back and you can see everyone running around in their daily lives trying to meet the work,  home and health needs.

“The 3 secrets to a healthy body is here.

1. How are others  doing it.

2. How you can do it.

3. How am I doing it.  

You will learn the specific key to optimum health with easy to follow lists, whether at home or out side the home.

Yes, In  our busy  society people are now stopping to look at what they are eating, when they are eating and the reason beyond hunger.  With this busy lifestyle, now we have online shopping like no other time in history. Even still you may still wonder how you find yourself sitting in a Doctors  office or clinic for  some unknown disease/virus.

 I tell you how others are avoiding those dreaded visits! I give you several  cutting edge testing resources.  They will alert you to a disease  condition in  some cases as much as 10 years before a conventional test.   There were more of these companies 10 years ago , but the long arm guised as regulation have dwindle the number to a few. Imagine my surprise going into a health clinic to find a new health test (one of the test from 10 years ago) being clinic only order.

Friends, the most common statement heard  during my years of terminal work is, He or She was fine a week ago. Little did they know the disease had been there for years hidden from family, dormant  or slowly growing waiting for that stress event to release it!  

Then it starts exhaustive efforts of you being treated for symptoms rather than  trying to eliminate the problem. In elimination attempts, some of these “Treatments” are just as lethal to the body as the disease it self! Then many find themselves terminally ill and searching for  an  Alternative Treatment outside traditional  medicine.  {In all honesty great strives have been made towards Cancer and Heart Disease treatment but 50 million left behind is still far to many!}

Sadly to say by waiting, only a few people can be Holistically helped. Yes, early holistic treatments are not 100% but 80% is better the 15% or 20% reported stats. Just think of  the pain and suffering that could have been avoided of those helped. The sadness  is  that those who waited too late very seldom win in “Health Roulette”. They squandered their time on doubt and indecision before trying Holistic remedies!

Now is not the time to look back and think of the money spent  at the doctor’s.  This lack of knowledge lead them to  lose their  God’s Gift of Natural Immunity  and fall ill?  Now is the time to  take action. Get your Book now!

Your education here is how easy others started to self-helped themselves. Again, the ease of self-treatment plus reduction in cash flow is why the “Letter Organizations” willfully Suppresses Holistic information and Disease treatments for years….

Thank God for the Internet which is constantly under attack by a lot of “ILL meaning people.”


“I want to make it clear I am not a Medical doctor. I’m a passionate information researcher. My own preference is a natural lifestyle of Holistic Herbal influence! Seek AMA Certified medical persons if you are ill.”

Maria is a blessed Bilingual reading both Spanish and English. If enough request for a Spanish version come in, the printed Spanish version will come in a couple months! For now at Local Book stores and the Internet enjoy E_BOOKS, PAPERBACKS and coming very soon AUDIO BOOKS for sight impaired.

To hear everyday people speak about this book ” Getting Healthy the Holistic Way ” makes me Happy, there is still Hope for a Better Future…….. CLICK HERE TO Get your copy TODAY.

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